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Eunorau UHVO E-bike

Eunorau UHVO E-bike

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If you want a comfortable dual-suspension ebike, and you want it for a killer deal, then you might want to consider the UHVO. If you're aiming for light off-road, mostly flat trails, and you're OK with a range of around 10 to 20 miles, then I think you've got a winner with the UHVO.

Our suspension fork features 100mm of travel, compression adjustment. It effectively absorbs most of the jarring bumps and shocks, especially on complicated and rugged routes, reducing your tiredness and allowing you to ride faster.

The air rear suspension sets the Eunorau UHO apart from the rest of our lineup, making it the ultimate Bike. Take on any trail with maximum comfort and control.

Absorbing a lot of jarring bumps and shocks on rugged routes, the RTS fork helps maintain your energy, helping you focus on riding better and faster.

  • Battery: 36V 13AH OR 48V 16AH 
  • Motor: 350W OR 750W 
  • Top Speed: 20 MPH
  • Range: Up to 38 Miles 
  • Payload Capacity: 300 lb 
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